Been busy A.F

Its been a while and since my last post our cottage has come along way towards being completed. Strategically avoiding the expensive jobs has now come to an end and we had to part ways with a good portion of our savings

All exterior works have nearly been completed including the following

40mm top hat baton fixed vertically to house the weatherboard
Front door and kitchen view (some work still required)
Weatherboard and barge capping fitted (corner capping still required)
More weather boards
did i mention weather boards
Front Awning is built with added extra of weather boards

During the works on the exterior everything went relatively smooth and as installing the weather boards was a task i have never carried out before it seemed to be intimidating me. Issues such as the “bends” and “cupping” in the weather board from being so old and probably not stored to well on my behalf was not such an issue in the end as i was fixing to steel baton with screws. This allowed me to flex the weather board into position and keep it “reasonably” straight.

I soon found out that their was around five different sizes of weather boards with differences of 15mm in height and some times end to end this was something that was overcome by sorting through the pile and just added a little more time to the process however there are still differences in where the corners meet as i did not want to go to the extent of planing/ripping down weatherboards to match them up. I will be fixing a zinc alloy corner flashing to each corner that will cover these differences.

A f#%king wasp stung me!!! smfh ☹ as i stuck my hand in behind a weather board to adjust the window flashing i felt something grab hold of me and insert its stinger. I have no proof it was the wasp but it sure felt like it and their were a couple resident wasps lurking about the frame of the cottage earlier on in the day so….

Planning works around the environment you’re in is a fairly smart way to operate and sadly i failed on this a few times over. For some reason i seemed to start installing weather boards on the side of the cottage that was in full morning sunlight and then as the day moved on i would find myself on the other side of the cottage in full afternoon sunlight. Average temps hitting 37 degrees with little to no breeze or shade ensured i got plenty of vitamin D from earths best natural source.

Other then the above within a few trips the weather boards where on and things could start moving on the inside.

The interior of the cottage is where the plug gets pulled on the savings and the gradual drain starts to take effect. With the installation of the kitchen, plastering and painting complete in a three-week period the wallet is looking thin but progress is looking FAT.

Images below show works carried out on the interior of the cottage

Installation of the insulation and electrical rough in (carried out by an actual electrician)
A couple of last pokes to the ceiling insulation and gluing baton prior to the install of plasterboard
First sheet going on the ceiling (this was awkward as s#%t)

When installing the plasterboard on the ceiling i was lucky enough to have been lent a “sheet chucker” which is a mechanical lifting aide for raising the sheets to the ceiling and holding them on the correct angle and position while you screw them in place how ever the ceiling over the wardrobe could not be done using the chucker due to the wall in the way and this is where the scenario got heated to say the least….. in the end the sheets were up with a couple extra holes….. plaster board dust was in eyes and tempers were raging.

Plaster board installed and set also kitchen delivered and installed.
Plaster board in bedroom set with all holes from earlier capers repaired ✌
Painting begins
Painting complete on ceilings with one more coat to be applied to the walls after the fix out is complete.
Bed room catching some sunlight
kitchen sketch
Rough sketch of kitchen layout we decided on (numbers on top are not correct)
Kitchen installed and waiting on timber bench tops to be made.


After all of the above we are know back in reality and saving to complete the internal works hopfuly in a week or two we will be back to complete the fix out and install the bench tops, applieances, fire place and possibly slip a lil fishing trip or two in between the gaps ✌


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