Starting from scratch

Where to live….?

After a year or so of casually looking for land online my partner and i decided to take a weekend trip to inspect some potential properties in N.S.W.

We really had no definite location in mind we just knew it had to meet a couple of requirements.

  • Affordable – obviously we had to be able to come up with the funds to purchase the property. This is a great tool for narrowing down your options when you have limited funding “laughing here” but with another mortgage and living expenses we had to be realistic in what we purchased. Also when buying in slightly remote or small towns the opportunity for employment can be far less and pay rates can differ quite allot from the built up areas making it tougher to service expenses.
  • Location – We were not to worried by this as long as we were far enough out of town that we could avoid continual noise from neighbors, vehicles, police helicopters (ghetto bird) shootings, stabbings, hit and runs & dog theft e.t.c we would be happy we did however have one requirement “water”  we made sure we were either close to the ocean or at the least a fresh water stream or dam. Note when purchasing land near streams there can be issues when trying to secure a building permit from your local council as the “stream” can become a “river” in a relatively short period of time. This played a huge part in narrowing down our search as most properties that were easily affordable just happened to be nestled in the middle of a flood plain.
  • Size – Size matters well it did for me not so much for my partner….luckily. Factors that influenced our decision included the zoning regulations of the local council which for us ment we needed at least 100 acres of land to attain a building permit I believe the zone we are in is (Ru2). Pricing was another factor as we found you might pay only a relatively small amount extra when going from 5 acres to 100 acres which i found strange but worked in my favour. Finally what we planned on doing and to help cover expenses i plan to run a small amount of beef cattle on the property aswell as harvesting the native hardwood that grows throughout our property “sustainably” i might add.
  • Climate – The climate was not high on the list for us as most areas we looked at climate did not change by a great deal although i did look into annual rain fall as we are planning to be self-sufficient our tanks will need replenishing regularly for both our cottage and gardens.

With all of the above taken into account we narrowed our searches down to coastal towns in the midnorth coast of N.S.W which had a variety of properties for sale, great annual rainfall, plenty of local facilities and uncrowded surf breaks and boat ramps.

So back to the trip….. we where inspecting a property and once the real estate agent had left I decided to drive up to the neighboring property for a chin wag (conversation) about the area and the property we had just looked at luckily we found out that the land was low-lying and flooded regularly (which we witnessed the following christmas).The neighbor mentioned another parcel of land that was for sale which we inspected and it ticked all the boxes we also learnt valuable information that saved us a lot of future disappointment. So we made an offer and after some tense informal negotiations we settled on a price and submitted our offer to the vendor. Proceeding from this the circus act began with the banks and after successfully jumping through the banks hoops we were the excited owners of 100 acres of native bushland a stones throw (quite a large throw) away from the beach.

I still think of how that day could have ended up and am very thankful for the neighbors honest opinion and advice. My partner and I could not be more happy with the property we purchased that week and 2 years on i still have a laugh to myself thinking of how lucky we are to live in such a place. #Strayahammock-pov


3 thoughts on “Starting from scratch

  1. Its always good to have a chinwag with your neighbours. 100 acres? You guys are farmers! We have 4 acres on the river in Sidmouth but that’s enough for us. I am not a great fan of heat so its Tassie all the way for us. Glad you could get a property in your price range and (a long stones throw away from…) close to the sea. We are just around the corner from Bass Strait and it lets us take our dogs for a swim whenever we want. Life is good in Straya 🙂

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    1. 4 acres On the river sounds great do you fish from the river often? I fish allot for sport but looking forward to fishing for supplying fresh food on the near future. As for the stones throw we can still hear the ocean at night roughly a 10min drive down gravel roads to the beach for us

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      1. It’s a 10 minute drive for us as well although if we took our dingy, it would be a lot quicker. We don’t fish much. There are flathead in the river and as there is a fish farm around the corner from where we live they often release young salmon into the river if they have too many in their pens. Easy pickings!

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