First blog post

My first blog…..

After searching online to feed my own interest in living “off the grid” and “being “self sustainable” in Australia I did not really find what i was after. I guess you can’t please everyone. With varied results and not really satisfied in what i had found i figured i would try to share my experience in making a dream of mine into a reality with the possibility of helping others along the way.


The backgroud….

For some years now I have worked in the commercial construction industry at various locations around Australia. At some stage a few years back a small question crept into the back of my head and continued to lurk there for some time.

Every now and then a flash light would shine accross it What is it all for?

I could not answer this question along with many other questions that decided to tag along with it…. where do I want to be in life?, whats the purpose? and am I really happy with this lifestyle. After some time i came to the conclusion that i had one life to experience and i did not want to be dragging my sorry Ass around various construction sites for the duration.

With a number of factors to influence my decision The constant disappointment when watching the news, price and quality of food, a slight claustrophobic feeling of time slipping away just to mention a couple. I decided that before I was 40 years of age i was going to live off the land self-sustained and completely off the grid for at the least 1 year.

Subsequently my at the time fiance and I started searching for our piece of land to stake a claim to and the journey of our new life begins from their.

This Blog will consist of the learning curve we have and will be taking whilst building our self sufficient farm and living off the land in the mid north coast of N.S.W Australia.


5 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. Cheers for following our blog first up and kudos on your intentions to live off grid and self sufficiently. Our ultimate goal is to go off grid completely but it’s too expensive an option for us at the moment. We live very simply as we are both students on a very limited income and are working to turn our 4 acres in Tasmania into a productive food forest. At the moment we are using fridges to create wicking beds as they are cheap as chips, work amazingly well and even though our season has been cooler and wetter than usual here in Northern Tasmania, we have an excellent crop of veggies. I reckon fridge wicking beds would be the go in the hotter areas of the country. I got the idea from a Perth blog where a couple had tried using fridges to make wicking beds and the results were stellar. It’s a pretty steep learning curve at first but once your cycles all start coming together, that’s when it starts to get very rewarding (and exciting).

    We are just hitting that point inside our large fully enclosed garden area as the soil is finally starting to change and now that we have started using drip irrigation we have managed to beat the problem of our steep incline and water run off. We used plastic bottle ola last year (prior to installing the drip irrigation) and they gave us back our sanity and reduced watering time. Here’s to your success and to mutual learning. There aren’t enough blogs out there that share simple living from scratch. Most of them cover it with pixie dust and “pretties” when in reality, living this close to the land isn’t for everyone. Looking forward to seeing how you guys go and cheers for sharing what you are doing. Sometimes it feels like you are a voice in the wilderness but knowing that people are getting something out of what you are trying to do/share is a great incentive to keep posting.

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    1. Hey thanks for the message
      I am very green with the WordPress site and am unsure if this is a automated message but thanks anyhow. What you detailed above is the exact reason why i started my blog as i feel their is a pulse in interest in self-sufficient lifestyle and very limited information out their. I look forward to learning from people such as yourself and hopefully helping as well. We are currently in the construction stage of our cottage which i will update on WordPress in the weeks to come. Nice to chat talk soon
      Ty haley

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      1. It’s not an automated message. I just wanted to connect and tell you guys that I think what you are doing is excellent because more of us need to talk about what we are doing, especially if we don’t have a tonne of cash. It’s easy to be “green” when you have money coming out of your ears but not so easy when you have to problem solve just about everything to do with your lifestyle choices and come up with an equation that doesn’t equal “money”. I can’t wait to see how you guys tackle your build. I am sure it will be a very interesting process. We will be following along via your blog. I have it in my RSS feed reader.


  2. I’m looking forward to watching your progress! Even though I’m on the other side of the planet, I’m sure that we can learn from each other. Good luck to you on your journey to self-sufficiency!

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